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ICA is Scandinavia’s leading grocery chain. Their advertising concept is a long running international award winning sit-com about a store, running in Sweden and Norway. For the introduction of the private ecological label ”I love Eco” in Norway, one of the characters, Marius, came up with the ’brilliant’ idea to create an ecological dance – The Eco Dance – which is an artsy, weird type of dance, performed to a modern, electronic piece of music. Thanks’ to creative choreography, the innovative music and … Marius body … it ended up as a quite amusing act.

The Web
The Eco Dance was taken to the Internet through a clever 3D-application, where the user in a fast and easy manner can incorporate his or her (or anyone else’s) face on Marius body – either by using a web-camera or by uploading an image from the computers hard drive. It’s then possible to create a ‘dance-o-gram’, which is a short film-clip of the dance, performed by the user (or whomever’s face he or she decides to put on Marius body). The ‘dance-o-gram’ can then be sent to friends and family, encouraging them to consider ecological products.

The result
Over 10% of the population of Norway visited the campaign page during the first month. Over 300,000 dances were created, and 50,000 of them were forwarded. The Eco Dance was written about in over 2,000 Norwegian blogs. Interest groups formed in various communities, and they collected over 20,000 Eco Dance fans. The advertising film, which was also published on YouTube, achieved nearly 100,000 viewings after five weeks, and many users were not content to create dances on the site – they made films of themselves and posted them on the net.

By the time the campaign was assessed ICA had significantly transformed its brand – from practically unknown to a leader in the field of ecological products in the Norwegian convenience-goods trade.

link entry www.theecodance.com